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Unveiling of First RI Latino Fotohistorias in Providence: Fefa's Market

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In the in 1960s in Providence, a young Dominican woman named Josefina Rosario and her husband, Tony, single-handedly launched a community. They sponsored dozens of Dominicans, rescuing them from tyranny and helping them resettle here.

To these immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Josefina became “Doña Fefa” – literally, the matron or mother of the community.

To her knowledge, there were no other Dominicans in Rhode Island when she first arrived.

While her husband went to work as a chef at various country clubs in the area, Josefina took weekend trips to New Haven to purchase Dominican foods.

In 1959, she opened Fefa's Market, at 1232 Broad Street across from Roger Williams Park. This was the first bodega, the first Latino business in Rhode Island.

Join us for the unveiling of the first Latino Fotohistorias History Marker
in Providence that celebrates the contributions of Latinos to Rhode Island history

Thursday, September 15, 2016
11:00 AM • Parkview and Broad Bus Shelter
Providence, RI

This project is coordinated by Rhode Island Latino Arts

Funds for this project have been provided in part
by the
Rhode Island Council for the Humanities

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Click here to see a photo of the Fotohistoria History Marker for Fefa’s Market

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